After Chinook’s emergency landing in Buxar, now MiG-21 plane crashes in Barmer


The MiG-21 Bison fighter jet of the Indian Air Force crashed in Barmer, Rajasthan on Wednesday. The pilot is safe in the incident. It is being told that the accident happened during training. It is a matter of relief that this plane did not fall in any residential area. After the plane crashed, it caught fire. A large number of people gathered around the spot when the plane crashed.

Let us inform that earlier in the month of May, a MiG-21 aircraft of the Air Force had crashed in Moga district of Punjab. An Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot was killed in this incident. Officials had told that at that time the plane was flying for routine training, when it fell victim to the accident.

Chinook’s emergency landing in Buxar

On the other hand, a major accident was averted with Indian Airmen on Wednesday evening in Buxar, Bihar. The state-of-the-art Chinook helicopter carrying more than 20 officers and employees of the Air Force had to make an emergency landing at Manikpur village here. After landing in a field near a school, the wheels of the helicopter also collapsed due to wet soil. It is being told that the helicopter took off from Prayagraj. It had to be discarded. During this, suddenly sparks started emanating from the wings of the helicopter in Buxar. Due to this the sound from the helicopter also started coming very loud. Meanwhile, the villagers saw that the helicopter started coming down staggeringly. After this saw it descending in Manikpur village.


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