Advice of AIIMS Chief Dr. Randeep Guleria on rising corona cases, need of aggressive tactics including mini lockdown


The situation in the country is constantly worsening due to the corona virus, after the second wave came for the first time on Monday when the number of daily cases in the country crossed 1 lakh for the first time. Talking on this, AIIMS Chief Dr. Randeep Guleria said that we now need a new strategy which may include suggestions like putting lockdowns inside hotspots.


Talking about the lockdown, Dr. Guleria said that if we cannot implement the lockdown in full, it is very important to create a mini containment zone. He said that there are 10 states, including Maharashtra, which remain a matter of concern, including the new case of Corona. Night curfew and weekly lockdown imposed to fight Corona in Maharashtra.

He was asked what he thought of a complete lockdown. So Dr. Guleria replied, Lockdown is not being described as the right way to deal with the epidemic across the country. The complete lockdown will not only affect the economy, but the migrant laborers will also have to face problems. Now only partial lockdown has been imposed in 10 states.

Emcee Chief said there was a need to re-implement the depleted containment zones in a phased manner last year. He said that they should be implemented in areas of high need. These containment zones will be like mini lockdowns where there will be no movement. Apart from this, he suggested that more emphasis should be laid on testing and tracing and every person living close to the patient should undergo a corona test.




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