Action: Women are the victims of this crime in India, UP ranks second in statistics


Among the many crimes against women in India, the category of domestic violence is the highest.

Protests have continued across the country since the gang-rape of a 19-year-old girl in Hatras, Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, a question arises in everyone’s mind which is the highest crime in the category of crime against women in the country? Across the country, there are many crimes against women such as molestation, rape, gang rape, exploitation, dowry harassment and domestic violence, with the highest incidence of domestic violence among women.


Women are victims of domestic violence

According to a report, India has the highest number of female domestic violence victims. There have also been many incidents of domestic violence during the lockdown. Domestic violence was the highest in 2015, according to the Women’s Crime Records. Most women have to face this crime.

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The highest incidence of domestic violence in lockdown cases

According to the latest records from the National Crime Records Bureau, more than 30 percent of cases in the country are related to domestic violence. Speaking of states, Rajasthan tops the list. After that Uttar Pradesh. For information, let us know that Rajasthan has the highest number of domestic violence cases out of 18,432 and Uttar Pradesh has 18,304. Case number two of rape. 80% of women in the country are victims of crimes like rape and gang rape. Various programs are also organized at different times to prevent violence against women and children across the country. According to a report by the Women’s Commission, allegations of domestic violence during lockdown in India have increased at least two and a half times.

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