Abdul Kalam: The Inspirational Thoughts of Missile Man Abdul Kalam, will always work under your guidance


Abdul Kalam: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s full name is Dr. Aol Paki’s Zainul Deben Abdul Kalam. In Indian history, Abdul Kalam’s name is recorded as Missile Man, and the people are known as the President of the People.

He was born on 15 October 19131 in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. His life was full of struggles, but the circumstances never let his morale break. Only his own struggle broke the shackles and went from a paper seller to a missile man.

Abdul Kalam always said one thing that you have to dream before your dream comes true. Even today Abdul Kalam is not in this world but his work of thought and struggle still salutes the whole world.


Today we are going to share with you Abdul Kalam’s inspirational thoughts: –

1. Difficulties are very important for people because without them success cannot be enjoyed.

2. My message to young people is to think differently, to try something new, to make your own way, to achieve the impossible.

3. If a country is free from corruption and all people have a good mentality, then I can claim that only three people can create such a country – mother, father and guru.

4. Look at the sky We are not alone, people who dream and work hard have the whole universe with them.

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5) Dreams are not what you see when you sleep, but dreams are what keep you awake.

Youth. To enable young people from job seekers as job generators.

President. My most difficult task as president was to confirm the death sentence handed down by the court.


. My message, especially to young people, is to have the courage to think differently, to have the courage to innovate, to have the courage to walk the unseen, to have the courage to find the impossible and to succeed by overcoming problems. These are great qualities that they must work for.

9. Where there is truth in the heart, there is harmony in the home; There is a system in the country when there is harmony at home; When there is discipline in the country, then there is peace in the world.

10. Life is a difficult game. You can win this by upholding your birthright.

11. Those who can’t work with the heart are usually, but only empty things, half-hearted success creates bitterness around them.

12. Teaching is a noble profession that shapes a person’s character, abilities and future. If people remember me as a good teacher, it is the greatest honor for me.

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13. If you want to shine like the sun, burn like the sun first.

14. Don’t give up fighting until you get to the place you’ve decided – that means you’re unique.

15. A man needs hardship because he needs to enjoy success.

16. If we are not free, no one will respect us.

17. Dedicate to acquiring concrete instead of artificial pleasure.

18. Those who wait get more as they try.

19. It is very easy to defeat someone, but very difficult to win someone.

20. Science is a beautiful gift for humanity, we should not waste it.



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