A phone call from the wife saved the husband from trouble, otherwise today he would have been pleading with Afghan for help


So far, the Government of India has brought more than 300 of its people from Afghanistan to the country by airlift. Meanwhile, 49-year-old Sanjay Gurung of Dehradun is not getting tired of thanking God. Gurung, an ex-serviceman, was set to leave for Kabul from Delhi on 15 July. Then his wife’s call came. He was in a taxi. The wife was begging him not to go.

Apart from his wife, his mother and friends also urged him not to go to Apghanistan. At the behest of the people, he canceled his plan to go to Kabul midway.

Gurung, who is on his way to join a private security agency in Kabul, said, “Following what I am seeing in Afghanistan at present, I think it was God who put my wife at the last minute before entering the airport. Let’s save me from that phone call. I can’t even thank God enough for this.”

Gurung said that after retiring from the military, he worked in a private security agency in Iraq in 2012 before moving to Afghanistan for the same work. He said, “Private security agencies in Afghanistan mainly recruit Gurkhas with military background. I went there and worked for nine years before coming back in January of this year because the agency reduced my salary. After that I applied to another agency and got selected, for which I had to go on July 15.


He said that along with him fourteen other people from Dehradun were also selected in the same company. Gurung said, “Eleven of them had already got visas, they left. All four of us were late and on July 15, we had booked flight tickets. My wife asked me to return citing the difficult situation in Afghanistan. I was a little hesitant to stop and tried to pacify him over a video call. Then, my mother also pleaded and I finally decided to return.”

He said, “I returned to Dehradun the same day. A few days back, I found a video on WhatsApp in which a group of people like me from Dehradun are appealing to the government to bring them to the country. Two of these were also my friends. Although I feel lucky. I am also concerned for their safety.” Gurung said that seeing the news about Afghanistan, all the cities where he worked, like Herat, Kandahar and Kabul, swam before his eyes.

Gurung is now trying to help others from Dehradun stranded in Afghanistan. He said, “I am in touch with them, assuring all possible help from my side for their evacuation. I am concerned for their safety.”

Meanwhile, four residents of Dehradun stranded in Afghanistan returned on Thursday in flights operating from Kabul International Airport. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that “the government is making all efforts to rescue the residents of Uttarakhand stranded in Afghanistan.”


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