A Meeting Was Held Against The Removal Of Article 370

A meeting was held against the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, the BJP said – no matter what is done, nothing will be returned


The BJP has termed the secret meeting as fake. BJP leader Ram Madhav said the party of secretaries was just a mask.

A meeting is underway in Kashmir against the removal of Article 300 from Jammu and Kashmir. Six parties met at Farooq Abdullah’s house on Gupakar Road. Mehbooba Mufti also attended the meeting. Now the BJP has called the meeting fake. BJP leader Ram Madhav said the party of secretaries was just a mask.


Ram Madhav tweeted

Veteran BJP leader Ram Madhav Twitch said that Group 2 is just a mask. Every Kashmiri knows that special status will never come back, and this is just a ploy of the spies. But it is good for the Modi government that 2019 has changed to 1953. Welcome to RealPolitics.


Political squabbles over new alliance in Kashmir

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An alliance has been formed against the removal of Article 3 of Jammu and Kashmir. A group of leaders including Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti of PDP met at the National Conference. Let us know that this group was formed on 22 August 2019 at the house of Farooq Abdullah on Gupakar Road. The group wants to restore Article 370 in Kashmir again. He said that it was constitutional to remove Article 3 and it should be returned.



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