755% students of Bengal could not take part in JEE exams, Mamata strongly condemned the central government


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had targeted the central government for not allowing 755 students to appear for the JEE and NEET exams again. Questioning the central government, Mamata Banerjee said the students are at a difficult stage at the moment. Of the 5 per cent students in the state, they failed the Maine of Entrance Entrance (JEE) and the National Eligibility and Entrance Examination (NEET).


Mamata Banerjee has claimed that she was consistently against the central government’s order to conduct the test. However, 755 percent students could not take part in the test. Only 25 students in the state can take the exam. For information, let me inform you that Mamata Banerjee had requested the Central Government to suspend the NEET and JAI examinations.

He said the corona crisis should not be tested until the situation is completely normal. Due to the epidemic, 755 per cent of the candidates in the state could not participate and half a hundred students from other states also reached their centers. The Chief Minister has blamed the ‘arrogance’ of the central government for this.

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Mamata Banerjee said that students are at a very difficult stage at the moment and cannot take exams in such a situation. We were requested by the Central Government to appeal to the Supreme Court and reconsider the case. Knit and Joe exams were held in West Bengal on Tuesday. Of which only 25 per cent students in the state took part and 755 per cent students could not take the exam.

For information, let us know that in the past the Chief Ministers of the states including Congress held a meeting regarding NEET and JEE exams. So he asked to appeal to the Supreme Court against the order of the Central Government. The meeting was told to avoid G and Nit exams, Corona’s tenure is ongoing and the situation is not normal. We can’t play with kids ’futures.

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