61-year-old ‘Granny’ has found a 36-year-old romantic partner, now she’s scared – she can’t die if she can’t find him


Although there is no age for love, if someone falls in love with someone under the age of 45 at the age of 81, it may surprise many people. Such a news is making a lot of headlines.

61-year-old 'Granny' has found a 36-year-old romantic partner, now she's scared - she can't die if she can't find him

The 61-year-old ‘grandmother’ found a 36-year-old romantic partner, now fearing – death could not happen if she was nowhere to be found. Image sincerely: Representative image

London: It is said that love has no age. It can happen at any time. The same is the story of an 81-year-old British woman who fell in love with a young man younger than her son and when they fell in love, they married, regardless of the world. But the woman is living in Britain and the young man in Egypt, where she is. Now the woman is afraid that she should not say goodbye to this world without meeting her husband.

Iris Jones, 61, who lives in Britain, married Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim, 36, via social media. The two had a long chat on Facebook. At age 45, the idea of ​​distance comes to mind, but it remains ineffective before love. Iris also went to Egypt to meet Ibrahim, where the two were married. Iris returned to Britain a few days later, but Ibrahim stayed in Egypt due to visa problems. They are waiting for a spas visa, which they have not yet received.


‘Hard to Stay in Egypt’

Iris says he has been to Egypt three times, but it is always difficult for him to live there because his health did not allow him to stay in Egypt at the age of 81. Iris said there was a lot of heat and dust in Egypt, according to a report on the Metro website. There is a lot of traffic here and they don’t like the food there. This country as a whole is not suitable for them and so it is difficult for them to stay there forever. So he wants Ibrahim to stay in Britain with him.

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In the midst of this distance, both of them are openly expressing their love through social media. According to Iris, at this age she did not know at all that she would love anyone. He added that they were divorced 40 years ago, but now they have found a romantic partner. They have two sons over the age of 50. According to Iris, her son had some problems at the beginning of this marriage, but now everything is fine. He said he missed Ibrahim a lot.


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