600 people martyred in the farmers’ movement, even if the bitch dies… then Satyapal Malik lashed out at the Modi government; Said – I will go away when I say


Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has once again targeted the Modi government over the farmers’ movement. Malik, who has spoken out of line between the government and the BJP on the issue of farmers several times in recent times, clearly said that he is speaking against the wishes of the 2-3 people of Delhi who have made him governor and when he says he will. Will be fired immediately. Malik said that if 600 people were martyred in the farmers’ movement, the resolution was not passed in the Lok Sabha, while the leaders of Delhi issue condolence messages if the bitch also dies.

In a program in Jaipur, Satyapal Malik said, “There has not been such a big movement in the country till today, in which 600 people were martyred. Even if the bitch dies, the condolence message of the leaders of Delhi goes, but the proposal of 600 farmers was not passed in the Lok Sabha.

Malik further said, “At this time it is the issue of farmers, if I say something, there is a dispute. These newspapermen make it so that I wait for two weeks to see if any telephone will come from Delhi. Although the governor cannot be removed, but my well wishers say that he should say something and move. Writes on Facebook that when you feel so much, why don’t you resign, I say did your father make it.

Malik said, “I was made by 2-3 bigwigs in Delhi, I am speaking against their wishes, I am speaking only knowing that they will be in trouble. Leave it the way he says we have a problem, I will not spend a single minute.


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