50 doctors died in one day from Deshkorona, 1,000 lost their lives so far: Indian Medical Association


Anas Mujahid, a 26-year-old junior resident doctor at Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital in Delhi, died just hours after getting positive in the corona test. Due to Corona crisis in the country, a case of death of 50 doctors has come up in just one day. So far, 244 doctors have lost their lives in the second wave of Corona that occurred in India this year. Earlier in the year, in the first wave of Corona, 736 doctors died in the country. Thus far, due to Corona, 1,000 doctors have died in the country. Mujahid is survived by his parents and four siblings. A week has passed since Mujahid’s death, but his friend and colleague Dr. Aamir Sohail is still unable to believe the incident.

The Mujahid was experiencing minor symptoms of corona. He had a burning sensation in his throat and was corona positive in a rapid antigen test. He died only after a few hours. The Mujahid did not even get the Corona vaccine. Dr Aamir Sohail said, ‘It was a big shock. There were no serious symptoms of corona within him. Her parents have also stated that she had never had any serious health problems. We ourselves are unable to understand how this happened. According to the Indian Medical Association, 244 physicians have died in the corona crisis this year.

Just this Sunday, 50 doctors died due to corona in one day. Bihar has the highest number of deaths of 69 doctors. After this, 34 doctors have died in Uttar Pradesh and 27 in Delhi. Only 3% of these doctors were the ones who took full doses of the Corona vaccine. 5 months have passed since the beginning of vaccination in India and still only 66% of the health workers in the country have got vaccinated. The Indian Medical Association says that doctors are constantly being encouraged to get vaccinated on its behalf.


IMA appeal, all doctors and healthworkers get vaccinated

IMA general secretary Dr Jayesh Lele said, ‘It is unfortunate that we lost 50 doctors on Sunday. Since the first week of April, 244 people have died so far. He said that there are still many doctors who have not taken the Corona vaccine. He said that every effort is being made on our behalf to vaccinate all the health workers.



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