5 tourists stranded near Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa were trying to cross by car; hard to survive


5 tourists who went to visit Goa got stuck near Dudhsagar Waterfall. All these tourists had come from Delhi. All of them had come to visit here from Mahindra Thar. He tried to cross a flowing stream near Dudhsagar Waterfall with his car. But his car got stuck in this torrent. When the lifeguards posted near the waterfall caught sight of them, then these people saved them.

A statement from lifeguard agency Drishti said that a group of five people was traveling towards Dudhsagar. These people thought of crossing a running stream by car. After reaching the middle of the stream, his car got stuck there. Despite many efforts, his car could not move forward.

During this, the water reached inside their car and these people became unstable. These people were trying hard to escape, but due to the strong flow of water, they were not able to keep themselves steady. Lifeguard personnel pulled these people out of the middle and brought them back safely.


Dudhsagar Waterfall is located in Molem, Goa near Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. This waterfall has been a center of attraction among tourists from all over the world. It shares its border with Karnataka. There is a lot of water in this waterfall during monsoon. Here the water comes from a mud-filled road which is closed during monsoon. It is very difficult to cross because of the flow of water.



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