5 from the Serum Institute of India. The government has agreed to buy crores of vaccine doses


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced that the central government would bear the cost of vaccinating 30 million people, health workers and frontline workers in the first phase of corona vaccination.

The ongoing war from Corona has now reached a decisive stage in the country. The government’s efforts to provide this vaccine to the general public have intensified. On Monday, HLL Life Care Limited (an initiative of the Government of India) purchased the vaccine from the Serum Institute on behalf of the Government of India and on Monday 11 January agreed to purchase another 11 million doses of the Covishield vaccine from the Serum Institute of India. It is committed to purchase 4.5 crore doses and 200 doses by April 2021. India has so far signed an agreement to buy 56 million vaccine doses from the Serum Institute alone.

Official sources said the government has committed to buy 4.5 crore vaccines by April. The entire order will cost more than Rs 1,100 crore. He said shipments of the vaccines are expected to begin early Tuesday. According to the order, it will cost Rs 200 for each “Covishield” vaccine and Rs 210 including Rs 10 GST.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced that the central government would bear the cost of vaccinating 30 million people, health workers and frontline workers in the first phase of the corona vaccination campaign. Also, he made it clear that public representatives would not be included at this stage. Ahead of the forthcoming nationwide immunization campaign from January 1, the Prime Minister today exchanged views with the Chief Ministers of all the states and said that about 50 countries have been vaccinated for Covid-19 in the last three-four weeks and so far only two and a half lakh people have been vaccinated. The goal is to vaccinate 300 million people in a few months. Modi further said that both the corona vaccines manufactured in the country are cheaper than other vaccines in the world and they have been made according to the conditions and conditions of the country. In response to questions raised about the vaccine, the Prime Minister assured that the scientific community has taken “all precautions” to give the countrymen an “effective” vaccine.

He said the country was now entering a determined phase of the war against Corona. Oxford’s Covid-19 ‘Covishield’, produced by the India Seam Institute of India, and a biodegradable vaccine ‘Kovacin’ from India Biotech were approved by India’s drug regulator for limited emergency use in the country. . The Prime Minister in his speech said that dialogue and cooperation between the Center and the states has played a huge role in the fight against Corona and it is a great example of cooperative federalism. He said that the worries and anxieties that he had among the countrymen seven-eight months ago, he has now come out. He described it as a “good situation” for the country and warned that it should not be taken lightly. “The impact of increasing confidence in the country is also having a positive impact on economic activity,” he said. Now our country is entering a decisive stage in the fight against Corona. This is the episode of vaccination. 1 From January 16 we are launching the largest vaccination campaign in the world. ”



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The Prime Minister said that the two vaccines that have been approved for use on an emergency basis are both a matter of pride for the “Made in India” country. Modi said that not only this, four more vaccines are being worked on. When these vaccines arrive, we will have more opportunities to plan for the future. “Our two vaccines are more economical than the second in the world,” he said. We can only guess how difficult it is. This vaccine has been developed keeping in view these conditions and circumstances.

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