4 people, including student leader, detained in attack on Rakesh Tikait’s convoy, Bhakiyu told BJP’s hand behind the attack


Four people, including a student leader, have been detained by the police for the attack on the convoy of Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), in Rajasthan on Friday. Police said the incident took place at the Tatarpur intersection in Bahrod.


On Friday, some people allegedly threw stones at Alvar district on a convoy of trains by farmer leader Tikait. No one was hurt in the incident, but the rear glass of Tikait’s car was damaged. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot condemned the attack and said that action would be taken against the culprits.

At the same time, Bhakiu says that the detained people are associated with the BJP-affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). The union has alleged that BJP is behind this attack.

Bhiwadi Superintendent of Police Ram Murthy Joshi said that the vehicle which was targeted was not present in the tikait. No one was injured in the incident. He said that Kuldeep Rao, student leader of Matsya University, Alwar, along with his supporters, showed black flags to the convoy of Tikait passing by there. He said that some vehicles of the convoy stopped there and the members of the rider debated with people showing flags on the issue. Meanwhile, one of them stoned and broke the glass of a car.

According to the Superintendent of Police, four people including the main accused Kuldeep Rao have been detained in connection with the incident. State President of Bharatiya Kisan Union running with Tikait, Rajaram Meal said that the accused numbered around 40-50 and had sticks. He said that after we addressed the first meeting in Harsoli, we were going towards Bansur, then this incident happened near Tatarpur. After the incident, Tikait addressed the second meeting.

At the same time, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted in the night, “Attack on BJP’s convoy in Alwar by Rakesh Tikait, leader of Indian Farmers Union, is condemnable, action will be taken against the culprits.” According to Gehlot, “BJP Kisan agitation Unrestrained rhetoric towards those who struggle for the rights of the farmers is behaving undemocratic, which is shameful.

Jam on the Delhi border in protest against the attack on Tikait in Rajasthan

On Friday night, dozens of leaders of the organization angry at the alleged attack on Tikait had blocked the shout border connecting Delhi-Noida. Noida Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone I) Ranvijay Singh said that by blocking the road from Noida to Delhi, the leaders of the Bharatiya Kisan Union protested for about 3 hours. He said that after persuading the police officers who reached the spot, the farmer leaders opened the jam.

Farmers also blocked KMP

Angry farmers blocked the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) in Kundli in protest against the attack on the train of farmer leader Rakesh Tikait in Alwar, Rajasthan. The news of the attack on Tikait spread to the farmers like fire. Hundreds of farmers sitting on the Kundali dharna took their dozens of tractors and climbed the KMP near the Kundli at around 7.30 pm and blocked the block. Suddenly the expressway was blocked and the KMP was jammed. The farmers shouted slogans against the government here. After the farmers were jammed, the police also came into action and started efforts to convince the farmers, but the farmers did not agree. Only after about 20 minutes, the United Farmers Front gave a message on the phone to the farmers who were blocking the jam, that they should not block the jam at present and come back. Jamming or other action will be decided at a later meeting. In such a situation, the farmers opened the jam and returned to the dharna.

Tikait said – Central government responsible for the attack

Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesman of the Indian Farmers Union, has blamed the central government for the attack on his convoy in Rajasthan. Tikait said clearly that the central government is responsible for the attack on me. Tikait said that this is the work of his youth wing. They were saying, “Rakesh Tikait, Go Back”. Where should i go They threw stones at us, used sticks. Why are they fighting with us, we are farmers, there is no political party. Our protest is against the policies of the government. We are not opposing BJP. His people come here and talk. Today our program is in Aligarh. Tomorrow we are going to Gujarat for two days, this is a very sensitive area, our farmers should be careful. Outsiders are not allowed to go there. We have to liberate the farmers, politicians and the press of the state.


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