30 countries of the world have agreed on the policy of zero pollution vehicles, know India’s side


The climate negotiations are also emphasizing the adoption of new technologies to reduce emissions. In this regard, 30 countries led by Britain have agreed to adopt zero emission vehicles by 2030. India is not included in these 30 countries but it has announced its support to this campaign without any commitment. The number of zero emission vehicles in India is also increasing rapidly.

At a meeting of the Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Council (ZEVTC), 30 countries have agreed to expand zero-emission vehicles, which aims to ensure the use of zero-emission vehicles by 2030 or earlier. Many countries including India, Rwanda, Kenya have announced to promote zero emission vehicles in their market. While 19 countries have also shown willingness to convert shipping corridors to green corridors. However, all countries have been asked by the Council to work fast on zero emission vehicles. Explain that after the energy sector, the transport sector is the largest sector of greenhouse gas emissions.

a fund will also be formed

The World Bank announced the establishment of a $ 200 million fund, which will be spent on reducing emissions from road traffic over the next ten years. Basically, it will be spent on installing road infrastructure like electric chargers etc. for zero emission vehicles.


Britain to remove diesel trucks

Zero emission vehicles basically focused on cars and vans. But Britain has said it will also phase out all diesel trucks between 2035-40. In its place, use of green energy trucks will be ensured.

India’s side

Representatives of NITI Aayog participated in the council meeting from the Indian side. It has been said by the commission that it has provided its non-binding support for promotion of zero emission vehicles. Actually, India is rapidly moving towards electric vehicles. Especially the number of two wheeler and three wheeler electric vehicles is increasing which constitute 80 per cent of the total vehicles in the country.


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