2-year-old girl found in sugarcane field, burn marks on her body, can be a victim of black magic


The identity of the two-year-old girl, found last week in Karnataka’s Belagavi, remains a mystery even though the police have launched a massive search operation. Let us tell you that some farmers wrapped it in a piece of cloth and left it in the sugarcane field. Burn marks were found on the girl’s body. In preliminary investigation, it has been told that this pattern of burning points towards black-magic. Apart from this, till now there has been no talk of sexual harassment.

The girl, found on September 24 in Halyal village of Belagavi in ‚Äč‚Äčnorthern Karnataka, had several burn marks, especially cigarette butt marks, even on her private parts. However, preliminary investigation did not reveal any sexual harassment.

According to police sources, the pattern of burn marks indicates black magic. Medical examination also found traces of chemicals found on her wounds, confirming the presence of ingredients commonly used in black magic.


The girl is now undergoing treatment at the Belagavi District Hospital and has regained consciousness, but being small, she is unable to give any information related to the case. Police have provided the girl’s photograph, which will be widely shared in Karnataka and border states such as Maharashtra and Telangana for her identification.

Police are collecting information about missing children of his age from neighboring districts and states, but so far with no success.



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