14 jihadis of Kerala will become India’s great tension in Afghanistan, Islamic State has created a ‘maze of conspiracies’ to defame


After the blast at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, one such new information has come out, which may increase India’s concern. After capturing Kabul, the Taliban released 14 people from Kerala from Bagram prison and these Keralites again became part of the terrorist group Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP). After being released by the Taliban from Bagram prison, at least 14 people from Kerala are said to have been involved in a plot to carry out a major blast in Kabul on behalf of the Islamic State of Khorasan province. They even tried to detonate an IED device outside the Turkmen embassy in Kabul on 26 August, which was foiled and there are unconfirmed reports of the capture of two Pakistanis.

According to reports from Afghanistan, Kabul is under the control of the Haqqani network because Zadran Pashtuns traditionally live in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan bordering Pakistan and exercise influence over Jalalabad-Kabul. Not only this, the Islamic State of Khorasan province is also active in Nangarhar province and has worked with the Haqqani network in the past. Let us tell you that more than 200 people have died in the explosion in Kabul on Friday, including 13 American soldiers. This terrorist organization had claimed the responsibility of this attack.

One of the 14 Keralites is understood to have contacted his home, while the remaining 13 are still on the run with the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) terrorist group in Kabul. Keralites living in Malappuram, Kasaragod and Kannur districts migrated from India to join the jihadist group i.e. Islamic State in the Middle East after the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant captured Mosul in 2014. The families of some of these terrorists came to Nangarhar province of Afghanistan to settle under ISKP.


India’s concern here is that these terrorist organizations can use them to defame India. According to the report, India is concerned that the Taliban and their handlers may use these radical Keralites to tarnish India’s reputation by indulging in terrorist acts in Afghanistan. At the same time, there are very credible reports of the capture of two Pakistani terrorists, who were trying to blast outside the Turkmen embassy.

The Taliban have remained silent about the entire incident for obvious reasons, but intelligence reports indicate that an improvised explosive device was recovered from these Pakistani nationals shortly after the Kabul airport blast on 26 August. However, Hindustan Times does not independently confirm this. Here, the situation in Kabul is getting worse. The Haqqani network, with the help of Pakistan, has been pressuring the Taliban to form a 12-member council with elements from the previous term aimed at gaining global legitimacy, but the Mullah Yakub faction is reluctant. Afghanistan’s neighbors are waiting for the US to leave Kabul on August 31 before considering any decision on its ties with the Taliban.


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